Top Fuel and Pro Open Rule Changes


Top Fuel and Pro Open Rule Changes

Effective immediately, the following rules changes will go into effect related to Top Fuel and Nitrous Express Pro Open.

  • In Top Fuel, the rule change dated July 2020 which allowed specific turbo entries to compete in Top Fuel on ¼ mile venues has been rescinded due to safety concerns. Only traditional Blown/Nitro and Top Fuel Twin entries will be accepted in Top Fuel ¼ mile competition until further notice.
  • In Nitrous Express Pro Open, the category will migrate permanently to 1/8th mile competition from its previous mixture of 1/8th and ¼ mile competition that was facility contingent.

These rule changes will go into effect at the upcoming FuelTech World Finals presented by Wiseco Piston at SGMP on November 18th – 21st . These rule changes come from keeping safety at the forefront in addition to keeping up with current trends in motorcycle drag racing with an eye toward hopefully increased participation.


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