Pro Mod



Updated 12/12/15


CLASS: Reserved for carbureted or fuel injected four cylinder import entries. Runs across the 1/8 of a mile.

CLASS DESIGNATION: PM followed by rider number

POINTS: Pro Mod is a ManCup Pro class and will earn points accordingly. Please see for complete points system and CALCULATIONS as to how points are earned. It will be the riders responsibility to monitor his or her points earnings after every event. All requests for points adjustments must be made in writing to

within thirty days of the points posting for the event in question on all events EXCEPT the World Finals. For the Finals only, requests must be in writing to within TEN days of the points being posted. Please understand the Man cup will strive to keep the points tabulations for all class accurately and correctly and we do hope by you monitoring your own points earnings that any errors or miscalculations can be corrected in a timely fashion.

FIELD: 16 bike qualified field. Less than 9 entries will be an 8 bike field. Runs on a Pro Ladder

DECALS: A Man Cup, a Series Sponsor and a Class Sponsor Decal are all required on both sides of the entry for the duration of the event. Must be clearly visible.

WEIGHT: Minimum weight at conclusion of run, including rider;

620 lbs for all GS and KZ based entries
595 lbs for all Hayabusa and ZX-14 entries
All weight minimums and rules are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Man Cup Technical Services Department.

APPEARANCE: All bikes are strongly recommended to be professionally finished, painted, lettered, numbered and decaled.


Front single: 10” minimum rotor diameter
Front dual: 8” minimum diameter rotors.
Rear: 10” minimum rotor diameter.

All brakes must be fully operational when applied.

BODY: One piece body or individual body panels representing some original manufacturers design required. Full fairing, half fairing and headlight permitted.

BATTERY: Must be securley fastened within the confines of the frame.

FRAME: Strongly recommended that the frame be constructed by a reputable dragbike chassis builder. All major frame tubes are recommended to be constructed using a minimum of 1.00” x .058” 4130 chromoly tubing.

GROUND CLEARANCE: A minimum of 2.0” ground clearance with rider seated on the bike and no more than 10 lbs rear tire pressure. A maximum of 3.50″

TIRES: Maximum rear tire tread surface, regardless of temperature or wear, not to exceed 11.00” as measured with motorcycle off of the ground at 8 lbs of air pressure. Tire Make, model and size details must be clearly designated on all tires. All rear tires must be readily available to all competitors as deemed by ManCup Tech. Front tire must be free of any weather or age cracking in the sidewall of the tire.

WHEELBASE: Maximum wheelbase of 90”, Minimum wheelbase of 50”.

WHEELIE BARS: Required. Use of non-metallic wheelie bar wheels required.

WHEELS: Bead lock style rear wheel strongly recommended. Use of a staging disc type of product incorporated into the front wheel, painted flat black and extending to 5 ½” above the racing surface is suggested.

CHAIN GUARD: Must cover entire length and width of drive chain. Reinforced chain guard recommended.


Carburetetors – accepted
Mechanical or Electronic fuel injected – accepted
Nitrous Oxide Injection – accepted
Supercharger or turbocharger – not accepted and strictly prohibited.

FUEL: Commercially available racing Gasoline only. The use of alcohol, methanol, propylene oxide or nitro methane as a primary fuel or fuel additive is strictly prohibited.


1849cc for GS and KZ based engines
1559cc for Hayabusa and ZX14 engines

TRANSMISSIONS: A maximum of six forward speeds permitted. Use of overriding gear changes without engine kill required.

AIR SHIFTER: Mandatory.

AUTO SHIFT: Allowed.

NITROUS OXIDE: Allowed. Nitrous bottle must be SECURELY mounted within the confines of the frame.

EXHAUST: All pieces of the exhaust system including head pipes, collectors and megaphones are required to be SECURELY fastened. Securely fastened defined to include an NHRA accepted header tether, a weld (minimum ½” stitch type) or be permanent attachment to the race bike frame with positive type (exhaust hangers, support brackets, bolts/nuts, etc.) fasteners that they require tools for removal.


PUSH VEHICLES: Allowed. A valid driver’s license is required to operate any type of push vehicle. Posted pit speeds must be obeyed at all times. If pit speed is not posted, maximum pit speed will be 5 mph.

SAFETY: Carburetor / throttle body restraint or backfire strap is required.

ENGINE CONTAINMENT: Engine containment blanket or diaper use strongly recommended

FIRE SYSTEM: On board fire suppression system recommended

FUEL LINES: Recommended to use AN fitting and braided steel fuel lines. Covering of all fuel lines with fire resistant material recommended. All non-AN type fuel line connections are recommended to be fastened using metal clamp or tie wrap.

HELMET: Use of the latest Snell or DOT rated helmets suggested. Use of open face helmet prohibited.

KILL SWITCH: Strongly Recommended. Should be mounted so that the rider can activate while retaining both hands on the handlebars. Cut-off switch should SECURELY attached to rider. Ignition, fuel pump and NOS solenoids should deactivate. Lanyards should be constructed of leather, metal or nylon. Use of plastic lanyards discouraged.

OIL CATCH CAN: Required.

PROTECTIVE CLOTHING: Full leather suit required. If suit is two-piece, it should attach using a full circumference zipper. Boots must cover entire ankle. Full leather gloves required.



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