Pro Fuel Sponsored by Orangeburg Cycle Racing


by Tom McCarthy

We would like to welcome Orangeburg Cycle Racing, of Orangeburg, SC to Man Cup motorcycle drag racing, home of the world’s fastest and quickest motorcycles in all of drag racing. Effective immediately, Bill & Armon Furr’s Orangeburg Cycle Racing, is now the proud class sponsor of the Pro Fuel class of motorcycle drag racing.

Beginning with the 39th Annual Spring Cup, April 6-8, 2018, to be contested at South Georgia Motorsports Park, in Adel, Georgia, the OCR Pro Fuel class of motorcycle drag racing will kick off the 2018 Man Cup race season. In addition to putting up the money for the championship points races, Orangeburg Cycle Racing will award the class points champion, at the end of the season, a new SFI certified motor restraint strap, a $700 value.

The Man Cup Pro Fuel motorcycle drag racing class set the benchmark for all of Pro Fuel motorcycle drag racing in November of 2017, when Kirby Apathy of DeLand Florida ran an astounding 6.85 second elapsed time pass, the first ever run in the six’s by a Pro Fuel motorcycle. This pass by Kirby on his Vee Twin Performance, Gunfighter powered, Pro Fuel drag bike, is now the class standard all Harley Pro Fuel motorcycles strive to surpass.

Pro Fuel is an exciting professional motorcycle drag racing class, recognized by several motorcycle drag racing sanctions, that is very important to the sport as a premier nitromethane based, true fuel racing class. As Armon Furr explains it “Pro Fuel is very important as this is the stepping stone for future Top Fuel motorcycle drag racers. Both the drivers and the crew members get a great education in by learning the basics of Nitro racing with the carbureted bikes, before stepping up to race in Top Fuel Harley.”

Armon further elaborated “Most every Top Fuel Harley racer out there today either started out racing on the Pro Fuel bikes, which used to be called Pro Dragster (P/D), or they have learned from someone who started out on them.”

OCR is determined to not only sponsor the class, but to help further and expand it. Armon commented “I believe we need to take a hard look at the rules for the class and build on this. We need a stronger, brighter future for Pro Fuel and Orangeburg Cycle Racing is here to step up and contribute to this.”

Jay Regan of Man Cup commented “I’ve watched the Furr family and Orangeburg Cycle Racing over the years set many records in nitro Harley drag racing. Having them come on as the class sponsor of Pro Fuel is a welcome addition to our line-up and will add new leadership to the class. I hope the many Pro Fuel racers out there will come race with us in 2018 for the OCR Pro Fuel #1 plate.”


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