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Updated 2/10/16

 CLASS REQUIREMENTS                                                                                      

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Pro E.T. is open to all drag bikes, street bikes, and snowmobiles. The class is run in an E.T. bracket racing format and it gives bracket racers a chance to compete for larger purses.

DESIGNATION: The class designation is P/ET. All entrants must display this designation on both sides of their motorcycle by their bike number.

FORMAT: This is a 1/4 mile E.T. bracket class run on a .500 full tree. This is an all run field. All bikes must be 15.99 & quicker.

Cross Talk will be “ON” at all races in MPS Pro ET, if a rider wants to opt-out, he needs to puts an N on his motorcycle visible to the tower next to his bike number.


click here Points System & Caculations to see how points are scored

This class will be a points class at all MANUFACTURERS CUP events.

It will be the riders responsibility to monitor his or hers points earnings after every event. All requests for points adjustments must be made in writing to within thirty days of the points posting for the event in question on all events EXCEPT the Finals. For the Finals ONLY, all requests for points adjustments, again, must be made in writing to and within TEN days of the points being posted. Please understand the Man Cup will strive to keep the points tabulations for all classes accurately and correctly and we do hope by you monitoring your own points earnings that any errors or miscalculations can be corrected in a timely fashion.

GENERAL: A rider may only run one bike in this class, and that bike may only be entered one time in this class.

BRAKES: Front and rear brakes are mandatory and must be in safe operating condition.

CHAIN GUARDS: Chain guards are required on all entries.

LIGHTS: A functional tail light mounted on tail section, swingarm, or wheelie bars is required.

CLUTCH: Any style clutch permitted.

TIRES: DOT tires or any size slick is permitted.

WHEELIE BARS: Wheelie bars are permitted.

GROUND CLEARANCE: The motorcycle must have a minimum of 2” ground clearance with rider sitting on the bike. Bikes equipped with a billet flat oil pan (not cast) or a wheelie bar are exempt from the 2″ ground clearance check.

GENERAL SAFETY: All riders must have a SNELL 95 or higher full face helmet, shoes above the ankle, leather gloves, and a leather jacket. Any rider running faster than 10.99 must also have leather pants. Pants and jacket are not required to be zipped together. Nylon or textile jackets and pants are not permitted, even if they have pads. All jackets and pants must be made of 100% leather.


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