Man Cup : MTC Nationals at Galot Motorsports Park 7/15-16


Man Cup presented by Vance & Hines
Inaugural MTC Nationals

GALOT Motorsports Park
June 15-16, 2017

MTC Nationals Pre-Race Report

Written by Tom McCarthy

On July 15 and 16, the Man Cup motorcycle drag racing sanction rolls into GALOT Motorsports Park, in Benson, North Carolina, for the inaugural MTC Nationals.  The race will be contested on Saturday and Sunday, with racing set to begin at 9AM each day.  This will be the first time the Man Cup sanction has brought the big show to an eighth-mile drag racing facility in the seven years of Man Cup motorcycle drag racing.

For this event, pre race parking will be available on Thursday from 4 to 9 pm, Friday the gates open at 8am and there will be a test and tune session from 2 to 8 pm available to racers.  The Man Cup has partnered with the Hampton Inn Dunn to serve as the headquarters for the MTC Nationals.  Special room rates are available for this event, so be sure to mention you are with the Man Cup sanction to receive this special rate.  Ask for Lisa Kubiski at 910-892-4333 to reserve your room.



In the Pingel Top Fuel series, 16 time Top Fuel bike champion Larry McBride is out front after the first two events of a five race season.  With the GALOT race being mid-season, there’s plenty of chance to advance on Larry, but gaining ground on him will necessitate defeating him at GALOT to do so.  Racers like Sam Wills, Dave Vantine and Ian King are well within striking distance of the Spiderman’s current championship points total to date.  Will one of these teams advance through the web of the Spiderman, or will arachnophobia prevail?  We’ll all find out soon Sunday.



Hawaya Racing Pro Fuel bikes should really respond well to the conditions at GALOT and the big fuel bikes can easily carry the front wheel the whole 660,’ starting to finish line.  This will really entertain the fans who attend this event.  What will really be interesting is due to the 1/8th mile finish line, the stab & steer crowd will have to rely heavily on 60’ launch times here to win rounds at this track.  Bike’s that can’t sixty foot well are doomed here.

It’s all about the numbers.  Michael Ray is leading the class coming onto this event, with Preston Bartlett and Rocky Jackson close behind him.  Also of interest to the Pro Fuel crowd: Johnny Vickers of Hawaya Racing recently announce his Terminator bike now has a second generation creation about to come off the chassis jig of craftsman Pete Browne.  This means Johnny’s T-2 is not far away from completion.  The first six by a Pro Fuel Harley will likely happen in 2017, one way or the other.



In the Falicon Pro Mod series, Jeff House is in the points lead heading into GALOT with Brunson Grothus close behind.  Travis Davis, who won the Spring Cup opening event, did not make the Memphis race, so he has slipped to 5th in points after the first two events of the season.

Jeff’s 163 championship points lead the way with Brunson Grothus, bad Brad McCoy and Paul Gast covering the first half of the top-ten in points.  Following the top five; Spencer Allen, Charlie Prophit, Tyron Lemons, Rick Perry, and Tommy Saxon round out the ten baddest in Pro Mod racing.




The Nitrous Express Pro Open class is currently being led by Mr. Paint, Mark Rendeluk with 180 championship points.  Mark has a 44 point lead over Jean Gosselin, who will have to step up his game if he’s to catch and pass Mr. Paint this season.  Mark has not been snoozing; he’s advancing from 6.60’s to 6.50’s and ready to go deeper, if needed to defend his Pro Open #1 plate.  He’s a smart man, a skilled racer and he’s going to need that.

First season Pro Open champion, Rob Giard is close to completing his relocation to living down south after leaving New England, and he hopes to test before the GALOT race and be at the event.  Seeing Rob’s Funny Bike back out there would certainly be good for the class and give Mark Rendeluk something to smile about.  He likes the competition, he thrives on it.

Another bright spot to the Pro Open class at the GALOT race is that Pete Browne and his brother Keith are headed for this race.  Their turbocharged, injected Harley Davidson P/O bike is a real head-turner and plenty powerful.  Beware the carbon fiber bodied Turbo Harley at this event – its evil.



In the wild APE sponsored Pro Street class at GALOT, this year’s hotly contested, close, Pro Street class is lead by Justin Doucet, who is leading Jeremy Teasley by 16 points.  The race at GALOT will be very pivotal, Justin is gaining on the pack, but JT-DME and Williford Racing are not slacking.  The entire repertoire of DME machines will be at this event, as will the Williford Racing stable of drag bikes.  Now add to this the fact that Brad Mummert and Richard Gadson will be bringing the baddest nitrous P/Street bike on the planet to GALOT and you get the picture.  Man Cup will have the baddest Pro Street bikes on the planet in the APE sponsored P/Street class this race.

Justin Doucet


Shinko WPS Real Street racing at GALOT will see “Turbo” Johnny Dobrin out to defend his 43 point lead over Luis Hornedo.  With racers like Joey Gladstone, Jeremy St. Julien, Marcus Hylton, Quinn Orand, Wes Brown, Jason Fernandez and Troy Jackson; all ready to do battle, the Shinko WPS class should be rock’n at GALOT.



The sportsman racing at this event will be epic and close.  The Grothus Dragbike Ultra 4.60 class is the only sportsman class not affected by the event at GALOT, it’s already a class run only on the 1/8th mile index.  Point’s leader Brunson Grothus holds a slim 10 point lead over George Babor going into this race and it will be vital for Brunson and the Grothus Dragbike team to keep the momentum going, because George Babor of BPM, is not going away any time soon.

George is a win looking to happen and it’s only a matter of time and good fortune before he’s standing in the winner’s circle with his lovely daughters.  Tony Mullen is right behind George in points and Mike Chongris is but a shadow behind the Mullen brothers.  The top ten in Grothus Ultra 4.60 is a who’s – who of heavy hitters in sportsman bar-bike competition.  The battle at GALOT in this class will be one to watch!



The Star Racing Top Gas class at GALOT, which normally runs on the 8.20 Index will run on a 5.10 Index at GALOT Motorsports Park.  The Top Gas class is currently led by Craig Adams who has a 29 point lead going into the MTC Nationals.  Pete Chongris, Dustin Lee, Ben Knight, Scott Pitas, Butch Milton, and Jeff House, round out the top ten in Top Gas.


The MTC Engineering Super Comp class, which normally runs on an 8.90 dial in, will run on the 5.60 index at GALOT.  Many of the sportsman racers race various sanctions and at many different tracks across the USA, so they are familiar with how to adapt to the quicker index.  Simply stated there is less time to run down an opponent.  The racers who get around have a distinct advantage to racers who only race at one track.

In MTC Super Comp racing, going into the GALOt event, Spencer Claycomb is tied with Dustin Lee at 209 championship points.  Dustin, who is once again a leading BAMF contender, does a ton of racing every weekend and it is vital he attend this event.  Brian Dale is only five points behind them and Ronnie Johnson is five points behind Dale.  At GALOT, this dog fight will be fierce!



In the World Wide Bearings Crazy 8’s class, the 8.88 index will be run on a 5.70 standard.  Wade Smith with 175 points is leading Spencer Claycomb going into this event, Spencer’s 157 points is a distant second place, in this the third race of a five race season.  Bryan Minor, Dusty Brazel, Randall Cross, Ricardo Marte, Dustin Lee, Ben Knight, Brian Dale, and Luis Hornedo round out the top-ten at mid season in the WWB Crazy 8’s class.


Wiseco Street Fighter racing at this event will be run on a 6.20 index.  Most of the sportsman racers who come to this event, no matter what class they normally run in, they can all run on or under the 6.20 standard so this class may really fill up at GALOT.

In the Man Cup championship points race for Street Fighter, Chris Roelse leads Dustin Lee, 244 to 230 points.  Ben Knight, Wade Smith, Scott Pitas, John Markham, Tom Lagasse, Abimed Sierra, Greg Stanton and Butch Norwood, round out the top-ten in points.  There are a ton of heavy hitters behind the top ten racers, so look for changes here after this race.



The Vance & Hines sponsored V-Twin class, going into the GALOT event, has Vance Houdyshell leading the way with 156 championship points accrued before this event unfolds.  Duane Schmidt, Ted Thompson, Barry Pryer Sr., Randy Hammons, Rick Smoot, Lee Helander, Don Horta, Duane Schmidt Jr. and Mike Marsh all follow Vance Houdyshell.  With three races remaining in the 2017 season,  anyone who plans on getting ahead of Vance will have to do it at GALOT Motorsports park or they will have a tough time gaining ground in the final two races.



In the  ET classes, where the future of motorcycle drag racing comes from, in MPS sponsored Pro ET, Ted Harvey the III at 188 points is just ahead of Dustin “BAMF” Lee, who holds 168 points in his hand prior to this race.  Dustin, who races almost every weekend somewhere, will be tough as nails all season to stay ahead of.   Ted Harvey can do the job, but Dustin is not his only assassin lurking in the shadows.  Jimmy Heisler, Rick Eaton, Kelly McDaniel, Ben Kinght, Spencer Claycomb, John Markham, and Gary Russell are all right behind Ted in points.  With dozens of racers and many rounds of racing ahead, this class is TOUGH to win in!



In C&S Customs Street ET, at GALOT the entry level is expected to by high in numbers.  It’s the one class anyone on any motorcycle can enter and win.  The championship points leader going into the MTC Nationals is Pablo Gonzalez with 177 points.  He’s followed closely by  Scott Pitas with 142 points and they are trailed by Brian Dale, Randall Cross, Spencer Claycomb, Jimmy Heisler, William Cruz, Luis Hornedo, Joel Clark, and Clark Proctor.  It takes great skill on many levels to win in the ET classes, they are all tough.

Good luck to all the racers at the Man Cup MTC Nationals – race to win!




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