Big Money to Highlight 2022 Season in Hollywood Pro 4.60


Big Money to Highlight 2022 Season in Hollywood Pro 4.60

The 2022 season promises to be a great one at ManCup in the wildly popular 4.60 category. After having sponsored the class since its inception, Ed Grothus of Grothus Dragbikes decided to step back from sponsoring Grothus Dragbikes Ultra 4.60 at the conclusion of the 2021 season. Upon hearing that news, Broderick “Hollywood” Jackson agreed to sponsor the class for 2022 and beyond.

4.60 riders will now be competing in the “Hollywood Pro 4.60” class and will find a number of improvements and enhancements. To fire it up, the total purse will now be 5,300.00 per event with the winner garnering 3,000.00 of that, the runner-up a cool 1,000.00, semi finalists at 250.00 each, quarter-finalists will net 100.00 each and eight finalists will take home 50.00 each.

In addition, for 2022 the class is moving from its long-standing premier Sportsman class to Pro Class status and will run all qualifying and elimination rounds with the other Pro fields.

Class sponsor and motorcycle drag racing superstar Broderick “Hollywood” Jackson is stoked for the 2022 season to kick off this coming weekend with the Exoticycle Nationals at Orlando Speed World. “We’re going to bring the 4.60 class to a whole new level and I am excited to be a part of it. Just wait, we will have even more good news on the class as the season progresses. And, I promise you, the World Finals is going to be epic when it comes to 4.60 racing, you can count on it!” exclaimed Jackson.


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