2021 World Finals | November 18-21


Man Cup presented by Vance & Hines
46th annual FuelTech World Finals
South Georgia Motorsports Park
November 17-20, 2022
2521 US. 41, Adel, GA 31627
(229) 255-2250

Gate prices – Full event

Wednesday – $60.00
Thursday – $50.00
Friday – $45.00
Saturday – $40.00
Kids 12+under are free

All gate entries Wednesday thru Friday will be required to purchase a full event pass. In the event you do not need a full event pass, whenever you leave the event for good you can request a por-rated refund for unused days at the pit gate by surrendering your event armband on your way out.

Gate prices – Single Day

Saturday – $30.00
Sunday  –  $25.00

Finals parking information – prices – availability

All racer pit parking is free of charge in the pit area. Racer parking is defined as the racebike transport vehicle that is actually transporting the race bike, or bikes. This includes trucks, trucks with trailer, motorhomes and motorhomes with trailer.

Free parking at the event is available to all spectators and crew in the grass lot to the North of the pit gate.

Pit parking (car and truck) for spectator and crew vehicles is available for $20.00 and that is a one-time fee that covers you for the duration of the event.

Motorhome and travel trailer pit parking is available for 50.00 and that is a one time fee that covers you for the duration of the event. Any motorhome or travel trailer that has purchased a reserved electrical spot for the event from SGMP is exempt from this parking charge.

Pre-Event testing prices and availability

Thursday – 10:00am / 6:00pm  150.00 per entry

Friday – 9:00am / 3:15pm  80.00 per entry

These are on-track testing prices and are in addition to your event gate prices as outlined above.

Event + Racer Information

Track Radio 97.1 FM At most tracks the PA system was not designed so everyone can hear what’s going on everywhere in the pits. Set your FM radio to 89.7FM at SGMP to keep ahead what’s going on.

ParkingSGMP has pit spots with electricity FOR SALE to racers who desire one. These spots are marked with a number along the Southern end of the main pit area. Most all of these are pre-sold in advance. DO NOT park in one of these spots unless you have confirmed with an SGMP official that it is your spot! You WILL HAVE TO move if it is not your spot, regardless of how much you have already set-up your pit area. Call 407-568-5522 to reserve a spot.

Racers saving pit parking spots for other racers All pit parking is first come, first serve. Racers desiring to save a pit spot for a fellow racer are limited to the saving of only ONE pit spot per parked racer. The saving of a spot will only be allowed from the 1/8th mile mark and further down track, there is no saving of spots allowed from the head of the staging lanes to the 1/8th mile mark.

All Racers need to sign the waiver sheet again at Tech inspection.   Along with your signature, please add your bike number or numbers if running multiple bikes.  This is a must and required for the tracks insurance provider. To avoid the long wait, head down to tech first thing in the morning instead of waiting until late Friday afternoon, remember to take your helmet, gloves, boots and suit with you to tech. An official will come to your pit area for the Top Fuel bike inspection.

Photo Passes are only available to professional photographers that have applied and filled out an application prior to the event. We are no longer able to let everyone that wants to shoot photos of their team member from behind the wall. Photos are available from all the professional photographers that are at the track, and Photo Phil has them framed and ready at the trailer just south of the control tower.  Naturally, teams can video and shoot burnout photos, just cannot be behind the retaining walls.

Motorcycle Issues on the track Anytime you lose power, forward motion, anything, pull off to the side of the track. If you have lost total power and need pushed off the track, make a motion with your arm so the starter knows you require assistance.  No one ever qualified #1 with a blown motor, if it sounds bad, back off the throttle


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