Turbo’s a “NO GO” in Pingel Top Fuel


The prospect of change has been a red hot topic of discussion in Pingel Top Fuel over the last couple months time. With the first time appearance of a brand new Turbo/EFI/Methanol entry in Nitrous Express Pro Open, all eyes finally had the chance to leave the innuendo and hearsay filled artificial world of social media and instead, focus on the real world of actual time slips. The all-new machine did not disappoint by running a 6.19 world record best for non-nitro burning entry.

And so the discussion of possible changes to the long-standing rules in Pingel Top Fuel started in earnest. What followed was a ten-day period filled with phone conversations, emails, video conferencing and face to face meetings with team owners, past, current and prospective Pingel Top Fuel competitors, industry leaders as well as input from past sanctioning body executives.

After very careful consideration, Man Cup management has decided “NO” to any domestic changes in Pingel Top Fuel for the foreseeable future. Pingel Top Fuel will remain solely as the domain of North American nitro burning entries, as it has since inception.

Also, no changes will be made to Nitrous Express Pro Open for 2019 either. ManCup Pro Open, as it has since it’s inception, will be the “run whatcha brung and hope you brung enough” category which many record-setting unique combinations have landed in over the last four seasons.

About Pingel Enterprise

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