Top Fuel



Updated 3/10/14

DESIGNATION: TF, followed by rider number.


click here Points System & Caculations to see how points are scored

This class will be a points class at all MANUFACTURERS CUP events.

It will be the riders responsibility to monitor his or hers points earnings after every event. All requests for points adjustments must be made in writing to within thirty days of the points posting for the event in question on all events EXCEPT the Finals. For the Finals ONLY, all requests for points adjustments, again, must be made in writing to and within TEN days of the points being posted. Please understand the Man Cup will strive to keep the points tabulations for all classes accurately and correctly and we do hope by you monitoring your own points earnings that any errors or miscalculations can be corrected in a timely fashion.


All fuel entries must have a pre-loaded fuel shut-off. A lanyard must be connected between the rider and the fuel shut-off trigger; the shut-off may be operated by spring, air, hydraulic or other means accepted by Tech. All entries must have a means of shutting off fuel while the rider is on the bike.


All fuel lines (including gauge and/or data recorder lines) must be metallic, steel braided or Manufacturers Cup accepted “woven or woven-pushlock.”


All TF rear fenders must extend past the rear axle. No gloss painted seats. Seats must have fabric or anti-skid texture. Front fairings must have transparent windscreens.


When the lanyard is pulled, ignition and fuel pump must be disarmed. Lanyard must be attached to rider on opposite side of blower intake.


See Displacement limits above for weight breaks.


Nomex underclothing protecting legs is mandatory. Nitro entries must utilize a Nomex helmet sock. Spine protector is mandatory. Helmet with built-in helmet sock is mandatory.


Riders of Top Fuel bikes must hold a Manufacturers Cup Top Fuel license. (See Licensing 3.11)  Existing Top Fuel entries must maintain a minimum of (1) 6.99 or better E.T. within two previous events or during qualifying at present event in order to qualify and be placed on the elimination ladder. New bikes that have yet obtained the 6.99 minimum licensing times are subject to adhering to a 6.99 or better E.T. to establish a qualifying time.


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