Street Fighter



Update 3/10/14

CLASS REQUIREMENTS                                                                     

DESIGNATION: SF, followed by rider number.

Street Fighter is the street bike index class contested at AMA Dragbike National events and is considered the entry point into index racing. Most bikes compete with either big displacement normal aspirated motors to nitrous or turbocharged machines with a D.O.T street tire without the aid of wheelie bars. All compete with a heads-up, pro tree start. Street Fighter is run on qualified 64 bike field, based on a standard of 9.50/6.10 index. Standard safety is a requirement. During qualifying, runs quicker than the 9.50/6.10 index will be placed at the bottom of the qualifying sheet. During eliminations, runs quicker than the standard disqualify the rider under Handicap “break-out” procedures. All entries must be self-starting. No starter carts or bump starts permitted.



click here Points System & Caculations to see how points are scored

This class will be a points class at all MANUFACTURERS CUP events.

It will be the riders responsibility to monitor his or hers points earnings after every event. All requests for points adjustments must be made in writing to within thirty days of the points posting for the event in question on all events EXCEPT the Finals. For the Finals ONLY, all requests for points adjustments, again, must be made in writing to and within TEN days of the points being posted. Please understand the Man Cup will strive to keep the points tabulations for all classes accurately and correctly and we do hope by you monitoring your own points earnings that any errors or miscalculations can be corrected in a timely fashion.


Any internal engine modifications permitted. Any power adders permitted. All engines must be push-button start, no push or roller starters permitted. No ethylene glycol anti-freeze permitted in cooling systems.



Any engine with any power-adder must have a crankcase vent catch can.



Clutch must be hand activated, and have enough static clutch pressure to stall the engine when the clutch is released at 1200 rpm with the front brake applied (same as PST). If this is the case, they are legal.



Air or electric shifters permitted.



Front and rear hydraulic brakes are required.



Rigid forks prohibited. All entrants must maintain a minimum of 1” travel.



Wheelie bars are prohibited



Minimum ground clearance with rider on bike is 2”.



DOT street-legal tires only, with a minimum V-speed rating.


Minimum front wheel diameter is 16”. Maximum rear wheel width is 7”.



Tethered kill switches required. Kill switch must shut off all fuel pumps and nitrous equipment. Normally aspirated bikes with stock electrical systems and functional factory tip-over switches may waive the required tether kill switch. Any bike with any power-adder MUST have a legal tether kill switch.



2-steps are prohibited. Cross-over or delay boxes are prohibited. Any device designed to limit front wheel lift is prohibited.

MSD SB6, Schnitz Ignitions, stand alone ECU, ECU editors, etc are permitted in Crazy 8, Street Fighter and Street ET classes. The 2 step feature cannot be used. Though, and if certain wires can be unhooked they need to be. In other words, there clutch switch should not be wired to a 2 step input on the box if there is a designated input for that. If someone had a MSD 2-step, or MSD 4350 which sole’s purpose is for a 2 step, then it must be removed. Any other box that has other functions is permitted. There really is no way to outlaw everything, as technology keeps progressing, but it will be monitored



All riders must have a SNELL 95 or higher full face helmet, shoes above the ankle, leather gloves, and a leather jacket. Any rider running faster than 10.99 must also have leather pants. Pants and jacket are not required to be zipped together. Nylon or textile jackets and pants are not permitted, even if they have pads. All jackets and pants must be made of 100% leather.


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