Due to Hurricane Florence, this event was forced to be canceled and will not be made up. Next scheduled event will be November 15-18, 2018 at South Georgia Motorsports Park. 

Hurricane Florence, responsible for canceling the 2nd annual MTC Nationals at GALOT Motorsports Park has finally blown ashore today. Since the cancellation notice on Monday, ManCup and GALOT Motorsports park officials were trying to put a plan together to reschedule the event but in the end, the ever popular facility was just booked solid for the rest of their season and none of the already scheduled events were able to be moved. The event has officially been canceled and there will be no make-up of the event. Consideration was given to the possibility of trying to squeeze the running of the MTC Nationals at SGMP in the day, or days, leading up to the Finals but it just proved logistically impossible to make it work. The next event on the ManCup schedule is the granddaddy of them all, the 42nd annual Mann Hill Garage World Finals presented by Kibblewhite Precision Machine. The Finals will run across November 14th – 18th and once again will feature the incredible Pingel Top Fuel World Cup as well as the D.M.E. All-Star Shootout and the all-new Grothus Dragbikes Ultra 4.60 Challenge specialty races within a race.

Make plans NOW to attend this years edition of the biggest, baddest motorcycle drag racing event of the entire season.

Thunder Time

by Tom McCarthy /

Pingel Top Fuel motorcycle drag racing action will lead the charge at the 2nd annual MTC Nationals headed for GALOT Motorsports Park, September 14-16, 2018. 17 time Top Fuel motorcycle champion Larry “Spiderman” McBride will be out to catch and pass Dave Vantine in T/F points at GALOT. Don’t miss out on the action as all 14 classes will be contested on the GALOT Motorsports Park premier, 1/8th mile facility, which is a joy to race and spectate at.

The GALOT racing facility is easily one of the best racing venues in the USA and it’s 1/8th mile track is not only flat as a billiard table, it’s lit like a major league baseball park when its under the lights. The well paved parking lot, the concession stand and the on-site shower facilities are strongly appreciated by the race teams.
Early event parking for the professional teams and vendors will be taking place starting on Thursday, 9/13/18 from 12 noon until 11pm. On Friday, the pit gates will open at 9am to welcome vendors and teams coming to early set-up and also tune & test from noon to 7pm. This is a Saturday/Sunday competition weekend.

Saturday, the pit gates will be open at 7am, with C&S Customs Street ET action beginning at 9AM. This will be followed by Vance & Hines series V-Twin racers and MPS Pro ET class. There will be one time trial per entry followed by E-1 for the aforementioned classes. Once this rotation is complete, Q-1 for Sportsman classes will commence.

Professional classes will come into action at 12:30, but please keep in mind actual lane calls and run times are subject to change. When the professional classes begin their runs, the order will be Pingel Top Fuel, Orangeburg Cycles Racing Pro Fuel, Falicon Pro Mod, Nitrous Express Pro Open, APE Pro Street, and Shinko/WPS Real Street. JE Pistons Grudge will also be in the house, they will follow the Pro sessions each round.

The pro-classes are slated to have 3 qualifying sessions, tentatively set for 12:30, 3:30 and 7pm, but these times are subject to change as racing dictates the tempo of the event. Sunday racing, with eliminations each round, will begin at 9am.

When Pingel Top Fuel class drag racing takes to the track at GALOT, Dave Vantine is currently leading in T/F points, and he’s won 2 in a row to start off the 2018 season. But the third race of 2018 held at Dragway 42 was rained out with Dave and Larry awaiting the final round. They will face off at GALOT to wrap up the Dragway 42 event, then duke-it-out at GALOT for good measure.

Chris Hand and Mitch Brown are expected to be racing at this event. They are more than capable of upsetting the apple cart for the two front runners. Both teams are used to racing in the heat of the summer and Chris has a wealth of experience to draw from, so it’s anyone’s race to win at GALOT.

In Orangeburg Cycle Racing Pro Fuel class, Preston Bartlett has a slim 7 point lead over Sam White going into this event and Sam will be at this race parked right by Preston in the pits.

These two front runners will be at it all weekend while contending with other OCR P/F teams, which are very popular in this area of the USA. GALOT is a favorite with the stab & steer crowd, nothing would be finer than to see the staging lanes with a long line of Orangeburg Cycles Racing Pro Fuel motorcycles ready to race.

When the Falicon Performance Pro Mod class comes to the line at GALOT, Paul Gast and Eric McKinney have a score to settle from the D-42 event. They were sitting in the staging lanes for the final round when the rains came. They will face off and wrap up that event at GALOT.

This will finish off the unfinished business from the last race and set the stage for this race – which is a prelude to the Man Cup World Finals. This will REALLY be interesting with Paul Gast, Eric McKinney, Jeff House, and Ashley Owens all slugging it out for a lead points position, with the biggest drag race of the year about to unfold in November. Last man standing from the GALOT race will have a leg-up, going into the World Finals: last race of 2018. An interesting question becomes; can Shane Eperjesi steal the show and blow by all of them – he is capable!

Nitrous Express Pro Open class racing will be very interesting at the MTC Nationals. Going into this event, Rick Perry is in the points lead, but with Vince Testa and Mike Chongris about to settle the final round of D-42 racing left over from last race, there is no telling who will be leading points before E-1 of the GALOT race. One thing is self evident, when the points are totaled from both races, the points leader will have slim lead going into the Man Cup World Finals. Any lead is a good lead, but close as it will be, this still means no definitive point’s leader, so the door is wide open for any of the championship point’s front runners to win it all at the next and final race in November. Rick Perry and Vince Testa are expected to complete the D-42 final round at GALOT, in Nitrous Express Pro Open racing action.

APE Pro Street racing at this event will be top-shelf. Rumor has it many of the big names in APE Pro Street will be at GALOT. The very dedicated DME Racing team led by Jeremy Teasley has snatched the Pro Street points lead from Chris Connelly and Chris now has plenty of motivation to up his game. Teasley is now in position to defend his 2017 Man Cup Pro Street #1 plate which he earned last season with Dimey Eddinger and Andy Sawyer; a tough combination to beat. GALOT is Williford Racing country; don’t be surprised if you see them at GALOT, this is one of their favorite tracks. A strong contingent of APE Pro Street motorcycles is expected at this event.

In Shinko/WPS Real Street competition this year, Spencer Claycomb is kicking ass and taking names. With two races remaining in the season, if anyone is going to give Spencer a run for his money, they all have to step up and womp-him badly at GALOT if they want a shot at the Shinko/WPS Real Street title this season. Talented racers like, Bud Harrod, Marcus Hylton, Johnny Dobrin, Jason Herron, and Anibal Merced are all capable of giving Spencer a great race, but if they don’t step up at GALOT, Spencer will run away with the 2018 title and claim the #1 plate in November; easily.

In Grothus Ultra 4.60 drag racing; The Mullen brothers are doing everything they can to defend their 2017 #1 plate. “Hollywood” Broderick Jackson, John Schwartz, Brody Grothus and George Babor are doing everything they can to prevent this from happening. Tony and Jimmy Mullen are a formidable team, but the previously mentioned racers in this battle are all seasoned veterans and can win on any Sunday. When they all meet up at GALOT on Sunday, September 16th, we will see who is the best-of-the-best in this bunch. The winner of Grothus Ultra 4.60 at GALOT will have the best position for a title shot, come November.

The Star Power, Top Gas series has Ricardo Marte as #1 in points, with a slim 4 point lead over Jeremy Teasley. Right behind him, is Ralph Medrano as well as the brothers Chongris. Can he hold off some of the most talented drag bike racers in the game today? There is a TON of talent chasing down these two points leaders. They will both need strong performances at GALOT to remain viable contestants for the World Finals in November.

MTC Super Comp motorcycle drag racing, going into the MTC Nationals has Jeremy Teasley in the #1 spot, with Dusty Brazel now head of Spencer Claycomb in this class. Dusty has become a MONSTER in Man Cup competition in 2018. He is dedicated and motivated, showing up every race and racing his butt off. So are racers like JT & Spencer Claycomb, and Brian Dale. Every event they are out there slugging it out. MTC S/C has four very talented veterans battling for the championship point’s lead. ONE of them is headed into the Man Cup World Finals with what will be a slim point’s lead – and he’s going to need it!

World Wide Bearings C/8’s racer Dusty Brazel is just kill’n it in the Crazy 8’s class this year. He won his first Man Cup points championship in 2017 and he’s been out to defend it since opening day of 2018. Brian Dale is a heck of a drag racer and even with his best effort, Brian is over 100 points in the hole chasing Dusty, going into the GALOT event. The MTC Nationals is a must win for Brian Dale, Shaun Bizette or Spencer Claycomb if they want to even have a chance at catching Dusty at the end of the year. As of this pre-race story, Dusty Brazel is hands down the man to beat in World Wide Bearings – he owns it!

In Wiseco Street Fighter action, Jeremy Burt is the current point’s leader, going into the GALOT race with former point’s leader, Roy Johnson only 3 points behind. Vance Houdyshell, Jason Herron, Pablo Gonzalez and Barry Prior, are all within striking distance. This 9.5 Index class is CLOSE! Whoever wins the MTC Nationals will have the important momentum going into the final race of the season. GALOT is very important to these racers.

Vance & Hines V-Twin: Vance Houdyshell is just curb-stomping the competition in the V-Twin class. Going into the MTC Nationals at GALOT, Vance, has nearly a 200 point lead over his competition and he loves racing at GALOT. Members of the Vance & Hines V-Twin racing fraternity had better bring their A game to GALOT Motorsports Park if they want to race against the big dog. Branon White has beaten Vance and is capable taking the good fight to him, but Branon will have to win at GALOT is he’s to continue to gain on Vance Houdyshell.

C&S Custom Street ET sponsored racing at the MTC Nationals will be a joy to watch for drag racing fans who love good drag racing handle-bar to handle-bar action. Dusty Brazel is currently with 368 points to his credit, followed by Bob Burt with 344 points and Randy Parker with 302 points, ready to pounce on any mistakes by any of the points leaders. Street ET drag racing at GALOT will be very exciting to watch because without the extra 660’ that a 1320’ race track affords bracket racers, there is only ½ the time to adjust for any shortcomings early in the run. So racers are allowed fewer mistakes. GALOT will separate the weak from the strong.

MPS Pro ET sponsored racing at GALOT will be as tight as any class can be. The current point’s leaders are: Ralph Medrano (253), Brian Dale (210), Ricardo Marte (201) and Shaun Bizette (196). With the ET classes being contested on two consecutive days at Man Cup events, every race is a double point’s race. Any one of these racers can swap the points lead over the next two events. But first they have to show up and WIN! Good luck to all the racers at GALOT Motorsports Park, September 14/15/16, 2018, join us at the Man Cup 2nd Annual MTC Nationals!


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