Event Operational Procedure Changes


Effective immediately, the following three event operation procedures have been put in place. They will be in effect for the 190hookup.com Nationals at Rockingham Dragway September 11 – 13. These changes are part of the continued and ongoing evolution of Man Cup event protocol.


Man Cup has adopted of policy of any rider being able to skip his/her legal bye run or competition breakage pass altogether in the interest of saving time and keeping the elimination process moving forward. All Pro, Sportsman and ET riders now have two choices when it comes to a bye run or competition break pass.

  1. Announce to the head of staging that he/she is electing to forego their earned bye or competition break pass. This eliminates the need to take the tree under power. Making this election will assure the said rider of not having lane choice in the next round.
  2. Announce to the head of staging that you intend to make a pass on your legal bye run or competition break pass. If selecting this option, once the rider passes the ready line, he/she is obligated to be able to take the tree under power. Failure to do so will disqualify the rider from further competition.


ManCup will not accept entries deemed to be field fillers in the interest of meeting minimum pro field size nor entries to push a class to another payout level. Each and every Pro entry needs to be legitimate and be a viable entry for the class entered. ManCup reserves the right to exclude any entry deemed a field filler.


Any Pro class that does not have at least three legitimate entries thru tech at the conclusion of qualifying for said class will not be contested as a class at that event. Should this occur, any riders participating in said class will be refunded their tech card cost and offered additional free event testing via a test pass with each pro elimination session as supplementary compensation.


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